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Enjoy our Egypt sightseeing Tours by visiting the most interesting historical places in many Egyptian cities as we arrange Egypt day trips suitable for everyone and experience the mysteries off the pharonic times, the magnificent temples in beautiful settings, and learn about the magical time of the pharos. AlBaraa Travel offers you a wide range of Egypt excursions from Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm el sheikh, Dahab, Taba and much more cities
Egypt Nile cruises are the best way to fully discover the ancient wonders of Egypt between Luxor and Aswan. River Nile Cruises give you the chance for an unforgettable experience as the Nile is Egypt's lifeblood.
Going more to the south of Aswan stands Lake Nasser, an enormous reservoir formed by the building of the high dam in 1971. Here you will discover the lesser known temples as well as Abu Simbel on board Lake Nasser cruises are those boats sailing in the River Nile between Aswan and Abu Simbel
All passengers of Egypt shore excursions from Egypt ports can visit many sites in Egypt to explore the ancient civilization of Egypt. It’s a great opportunity for all travelers on board those cruises to stop over Egypt history in such a short time. Those travelers can visit Cairo and Giza attractions ( Great Pyramids, sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Sakkara, Memphis, Citadel Of Saladin, Dahshur, Valley of the kings, Karnak Temple, Valley of Queens, Hatshipsut Temple, Valley of Nobels and much more.
Albaraa Travel Group Egypt offer and handle all Egypt shore excursions and Egypt Port trips for all international cruise lines
If you have passion for history and historical places, Egypt Travel Package is perfect for you. It is said that there is no other country on earth that boasts a longer recorded history than Egypt. A perfect holiday requires perfect planning and the easy and comfortable way is to opt for an Egypt tour package as all our Egypt travel packages and Egypt vacation package are well organized and also save your money and effort. AlBaraa group offers a wide range of Egypt travel packages, Egypt and Jordan tour packages. Here you will find several packages available for those who want to take the quality of Egypt tours
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